love the idea for your project, so fun! 

The price includes: travel to location, up to 2h of candid photography of children (no individual portraits), basic edit, 50 digital images available to be downloaded from an online gallery. The images will be selected by me for best variety and quality, please let me know if that works. I also include an optional phone consultation how to prepare for the project better, we can talk time of the day, location, clothing, and ideas for kids to interact and get the best natural emotions and moments. The total would be $500.

We can definitely have more than 50 digital images as a final result, especially with multiple kids interacting, playing, talking, laughing, etc. We can up to a range 75-100 images for a total of $600. 

My samples are more individual children photos, however, I clearly understand the project idea and purpose. Please let me know if you have any questions, requests or concerns, I'm here to help. 


Спасибо вам большое,