Chicago pet photographer 2023Chicago pet photographer 2023

We have a sample wall art offer this month!

All of you have seen the beautiful samples from your sessions and this is an opportunity to purchase them at a discounted rate. Images are retouched by me, printed by a professional photo lab and are ready to be hung on your own walls. Frames are included as well and sold as is. 


  • Why would you want this? No waiting. You can pay, pick up and hang wall art the same day. It's cheaper than paying a full price and you'd have to purchase a frame as well.
  • What if you do not like the frame or the size? Regular full priced print orders are available. The discounted sample sale is as is, retouched, printed and framed.
  • If you do have interest in getting sample wall art, please get in touch by November 30th 2023.  Email or simply call.
  • Price? Most pieces are between $75-95 each. If you paid a session fee ($150) and already ordered prints from this session, additional 10% will be applied. 

Do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions. If you need a reminder what samples are available, you're welcome to see them in person or via zoom call. I'm here to help.


Chicago pet photographerChicago pet photography