Custom photography is not a cookie cutter service experience. It is personalized and requires quite more time invested to prepare for both, the client and the photographer. This is certainly not for everyone, but rather for those who value customized portrait sessions and a luxury to choose quality products that can not be ordered at a consumer lab. These sessions concentrate more on quality rather than quantity. Do not expect to go home with many snapshots but with printed products for your home, such as wall art, albums.

Each and every ordered item includes retouching and attention to detail, regardless if it is a small 8x10 print or a large canvas. Time spent during a session is just a small portion of entire time spent to communicate and create the final product that clients will cherish for many years to come. 

Although custom portrait session may require some saving and planning ahead, stop for a moment and think about their value 20 years from now. Does social media wall still comes in mind or possibly a beautiful album or a folio box with matted prints sounds like a great idea.  

Professional quality wall portraits, photo books, albums, gallery wrap canvas, and many other products are available to order. Besides products for clients home, there is a great option to share a photo of your kids/family. My clients love ordering cards.

Cards are designed specifically for each client and typically include two fully retouched images. What differs from the drugstore lab, I am able to create flat cards that have a dual purpose and can be framed in a standard size frames so family and friends can enjoy them for an extended period of time.

Cards are most popular for holiday sessions and newborn sessions.


Here are some quantity options in 2017:

qty 25- 169

qty 50- 213

qty 75- 256

qty 100- 300 (most popular)

qty 150- 388

qty 200- 475


All other products are offered at the viewing session, however, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions of have something in mind.


Thank you for considering me as your photographer.