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New ideas are popping into my head constantly so guess what! I have a concept in mind and looking for a black dog and/or a black cat. Why? Lots of people say how black fur is challenging to photograph but I absolutely love it. It is in fact the most challenging set up but with good lighting the result looks so amazing (in my opinion). We all have heard about symbols and superstitions about black cats, haven't we? And finally, although I have not seen statistics, seems like black dogs and cats wait longer to get adopted. So all of this combined makes me want to do a little project.

Ideally I'd love to collaborate with someone who values and enjoys beautiful photo wall art with dogs/cats and has some schedule flexibility on weekdays. 

For this photo project we would meet in Westmont some time September 14th-30th. Usually weekdays between 10am to 2pm work best but we'll discuss available times during a phone consultation.

Please email [email protected] if you're interested, available and think your pet would be a perfect candidate. Can't wait to make this happen!